7 Day FPS


Swap Fire was originally created for the first 7 Day FPS Challenge during June 2012. The swapping mechanic came to Jeremy Alessi as soon as he heard about a game jam dedicated to innovation in the FPS space. Within 7 days Jeremy had created an online networked game with all the trappings including the originally conceived mechanic and better still, it worked! One aspect of the game jam prototype still bothered Jeremy though. It had taken a rather dark turn with the assets used for the jam game containing lots of spikes and some medieval gore. Jeremy ceased to move forward on the game until 3 years later when he met Henry Meredith.

Both Jeremy and Henry are huge Nintendo fans and for the past year Jeremy has been a Nintendo approved indie developer. He just didn’t know what to make. As they went through several of the prototypes Jeremy had created it was obvious that Swap Fire was the most interesting and fun. Now, Midnight Status is officially on the road to deliver Swap Fire for the Nintendo Wii U during November of 2016. The game features the same great mechanics from the original 7DFPS jam game but with an all new narrative and aesthetic. Shooting your opponent rips spacetime and swaps your positions.